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A game which gives you a situation a deep emotional situation and then challenges you on what would you do. The game will have no clear guidence and it would be up to the player on what they want to do.

For example a situation ripped straight form 99% of all redemption movies is that you are in the wrong place at the wrong time and because of that Mobsters come to your house and kill your entire family but you survive the attack, in any game now you would do some scripted linear missions on what they designers believe you would do for revenge but what if you are in control of what you do next. What do you do when your first get out, do you move on forget everything, do you help the police and use justice to bring down the mob, do you go undercover , break into the mob ranks and find the killers and lay down revenge or do you go all out murdering rampage and take down the entire mafia or maybe a mix. You would be let loose on a rich vibrant open world where your mafia people do there business in real time like everyone else making you have to plan your revenge and make sure everything goes to plan just like in the movies.

Problem is, designing all those possibilities would take a long time and alot of manpower and money so its differently a dream game.

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

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My dream game would be, playing as Master Chief but with bioshock weapons/plasmids, (as well as some iconic Halo weaponary) fighting hordes of zombies ala left 4 dead, with Marcus fenix as co-op if you wish. The driving segments would be Burnout Revenge esq (yes you can run over thousands of zombies at 200 MPH.)

The game world would be the size of Oblivion, with different and more interesting regions though, you can visit Rapture, Liberty City, Albion, Wasteland ect.


MasterVG71782 said:
A game like Just Cause 2, but with an open world that is the world! Imagine an open world game that uses the actual Earth as its playground. Of course, there would be something like teleportation pods in all of the major cities, since it would take an ungodly amount of hours to just get anywhere.

Ah yes, I forgot to mention that this game would have online multiplayer, both competitive and co-op, going on at the same time.

V-r0cK said:
Triwells said:
An open-world zombie game that never ends. You start from the beginning where everything is fine and things just go to shit as time goes on. I'd make it where you can meet other players just kill zombies all day. That would be my perfect game. I hope to see a game like this before I die

This.  I was typing out something very similar to this but then i saw your post lol If we both thought of this then surely millions of others have done as well and it would definitely be awesome.

Definitely. I'm actually kinda surprised a game like this hasn't been made yet (that I know of).