GT5, HALO3, MGS4, GTAIV, FFXIII..Did they deliver?

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5 of the biggest franchises last gen. (excluding nintendo's everlasting franchises)

Did they deliver this Gen? You dont have to play the game to rate it..ie give an outsider's perspective.



1. GT5: Largely no, sales wise and overall deliverance. Developed time was a major letdown and inconsistency was vividly recognized

2. Halo3: Yes, broke records and highly rated. SubHD a let down for some. Continues to drive a genre (and a console)

3: MGS4: All and all very sucessful. Highly rated.

4. GTIV: Where do I start..Major let down. enough said

5. FFXIII: Meh

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Yes I Agreed with your toughts, I have the games.

GTAIV did ... for me anyway.


I agree with all of them except for GT5, my most played games this gen, but then again it's all personal opinion

Gran Turismo 5 - No. Most cars were only upscaled PS2 models, the damage model was still unsatisfying and most importanly, it had jaggy shadows. It was also a major letdown on the story side of things. Sylvester Stallone's Driven is a masterpiece compared to Gran Turismo 5 and you all know how horrible that movie was.

Halo 3 - No. It was basically Halo 2 in HD. Or rather Halo 2 in sub-HD resolution. Another letdown was that players were supposed to finish the fight, but now there's not only going to be Halo 4, but also 5 and 6.

Metal Gear Solid 4 - No. I have watched much better movies in my life and I haven't even watched many. As for the game itself, Kojima and his team went beyond the limits of Blu-ray capacity which is why important aspects needed to be cut. Most prominently, Snake's penis.

Grand Theft Auto IV - No. It was supposed to kill the Wii, but its biggest accomplishment ended up being responsible for the hilarious GIF titled "360, PS3: game of the generation; Wii: just another month".

Final Fantasy XIII - No. The PS3 version dragged down an otherwise great game, because Sony didn't allow Square-Enix to ship the game on multiple Blu-ray discs, forcing the developers to compromise the originally planned open world design to a corridor game.

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GT5: Yes. They brought so much variety into the game it's unreal. TIt's the first racing game that I've owned and still play for more than 6 months. Plus, it sold a lot and continues to sell.

Halo 3: Yeah, I guess. Never played it....

MGS4: Yes, it was a great experience.

GTA4: No. Rockstar set the bar really high with San Andreas, and completely missed it with this game.

FF13: Fuck no. The series started going downhill with FFX and never looked back. I'm still tryin to mentally prepare myself to finish the game.

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Those that did: GTAIV, MGS4, GT5
The one that didn't: FFXIII
The one that probably did but I wouldn't know about it: Halo 3

Halo 3, GT5 - Yes
GTA4 (with all subsequent DLC) - Yes
MGS4 - No
FF13 - Didn't play it

If I had to guess, Halo 3 managed best. It seems to be what Halo fans love. GT5 did second best, it's supposedly an excellent game despite its flaws. The others failed, more or less. Personally I loved FFXIII but it was not what I expected. MGS4... Well, I won't even go in there. And GTA IV, well, there's probably people that can better explain what went wrong.

@OP you chose the right games for this...

I played all of them:

1) GT5 Yes

Tons of content. Beautiful, if inconsistent, visuals. GT5 definitely delivered, even though it fell a little short of what was expected.

2) Halo 3 Yes

I've always liked Halo. The 1st had a mystical quality about it. Someone lent me his Xbox in 2003 and I remember Halo screaming F%§K Y&§!!! to my PS2 and Gamecube. Halo 3 also landed early enough in the generation to make an impact. Also not quite pushing the bar as high just like in GT5's case, but overall well done.

3) MGS 4 YES

OMG. MGS4 was an experience. THE reason to buy a PS3 early on. It was a comeback of sorts for MGS in my eyes. I abondened PS2 due to strong feelings of resentment towards MGS2 - subsequently didn't play MGS3 save for a one-night rental.

It's quite simple: Play it on hard and take your time then you'll have an incredible exprience.


Absolutely not. If you read the reviews now, it seems like they're describing a different game altogether.

5) FF XIII nope

Final Fantasy is supposed to be earth shattering stuff. I bought FF XIII and had some fun with it. The visuals were breath taking, and there were some points I thought it was quite nice. But, too linear, no variety, no exploration, L.A.M.E characters (sometimes) and most importantly it didn't feel like FF.