Chrono Trigger To Be Released On PSN This Tuesday, Are You Excited ???

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Are You Excited For Chrono Trigger On The PSN ????

Yes - I'm Excited and its About Time 7 63.64%
No - Not Excited At All 4 36.36%

Is it for real this time, then hell yea i'm excited.

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you gamers are too much fun....

Even if true, I have the game on ps1 disc =D


h2o1977 said:
carrion5 said:

Any word on if they're changing anything for the release (soundtrack, bonuses, etc.)?  I can't wait until tomorrow.  This will be the sweetest re-release since Perfect Dark for the XBLA.

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Probably the bonuses evident on the DS release of Chrono Trigger, which was basically an ungodly awful fetch quest.

It's the Final Fantasy Chronicles version so no

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Not anymore.... I already play on snes, psx, and ds.

I have played it tons of time (mainly on emulation pc) so ive been more interested in Chrono Cross.

Played it before and i could just borrow from my friend that has the PS1 version if i really wanted to play it.

Honestly, no.

As i'm sure it's probably the inferior PS1 port.

The SNES version was better... (as oddly were all the Final Fantasy collection/anthology ports).

Aside from which there is the even more superior DS Version now as well.

If you haven't played it yet though, awesome game.

I got it for the 3DS back in July (tried to wait for the PSN/PSP version but they kept dicking with us). Still an amazing game but the changes to some of the dialog was quite pointless and, while making certain points clearer, actually dumbed down the game. I'd prefer the Snes original. Even then, the DS version has to be better thanks to the inclusion of all of the cinemas (just like the PS version) and a lot of bonuses like music player, bestiary, touch screen controls, bonus quests, etc.

So no. Maybe a few months ago but not now.

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