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A few scenes in the shawshank redemption, the ending of Lost in Translation, the ending of Scenes from the Suburbs.

Lost in Translation scene:

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NiKKoM said:
Lion king, Mufasa's death and especially when Simba crawls under Mufasa's paw...


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amp316 said:
The part where Shia LeBeouf was introduced in the Indiana Jones series.

I cried.


the part from titanic when the ship is sinking and a mother is reading a bedtime story to her kids.

sapphi_snake said:
JamaicameCRAZY said:

This is half pretty much half of the ending really takes watching the whole movie to really impact you.


You should've put the entire scene. It's sad not only because of what really happened to those two, but also because you realize that Briony had to live with guilt her entire life, and the book she wrote in which she gave them a happy ending was all she could do at that point to make things 'right'. A truely depressing story.

i couldnt find the full ending for the life of me.



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Titanic is the film that has always got me, and Lion King when Mufasa's death... and toy story 3 is the new movie that nearly made me cry, and i was crying over fucking Toys. Its only toys lighten up, sheesh! lol

Toy Story 3 Ending made me cry twice :P... well basically i'm not afraid to show emotion, so i can't think of anything specific really