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fantastic score..if it keeps getting such scores it should really help with the sales

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My entire being is ready for this.... I will not rest until I've squeezed every drop out of Dark Souls!!!

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Great score!

zgamer5 said:
honestly now that i saw more gameplay footage and that god damn bad ass looking shield, as well as a god damn forest i want the game. but my balls are too small.

zgamer, remember what we talked about in this thread? http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=134785&page=6

The advice I gave you in that thread still stands...besides growing your balls, you´ll need a lot of patience if you do decide to get the game after all.

My body aches for this game

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Im sold. Day on for me. I like the challange to get all achiviements for this RPG.

It's been so long since I've genuinely been excited and eager to play a game; I've all but forgotten how it feels, but it's coming back to me. I have this game and Ico & SoTC Collection to thank.

Very nice cant wait til tuesday

I figured IGN would give it a good score. I watched a lot of the 24-hour livestream they did yesterday and everyone seemed very enthused about the game.

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damn i really want to buy this game but i still didnt beat demons souls so i cant justify buying it