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Anyone trying to use XBOX live recently has probably had to deal with this.  Good news is there are tons of new users, the bad news is the system wasn't set up to handle all of the new users.

As a side note, MS recieves a lot of money for XBOX Live memberships, and therefore has put a lot of money into building a large infrastructure to play online.  If with all this infrastructure funding MS can't keep up with the demand of 10-12 mil users, how would Nin of Sony handle a continuous server for all of their games?  How will they finance the infrastructure?  Just curious to know if they have a better long term strategy.

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I like free things

Free is the best word ever. If you can think of a better word then put free in front of it and it becomes even better

@ highwaystar101: free mansex? Does that make it better? You are a disturbing person, and I'm leaving the room now.

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Mansex isnt a better word than free is it now

Touche, but isn't 'free' supposed to make any word better?

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To be fair if you had to choose which would you take. Free mansex, or mansex that you had to pay for? Think about it.

O and way off topic

I just hope that the free game isn't a game that I already downloaded. They should just offer Microsoft points instead.

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I agree, or extend everyone's Gold for a month, since we basically lost a month of service. Do you know if it is up and running again? Last night it was still pretty choppy for me.

I said if you can think of a better word than free, so a word that is better than wii. Then combine it with free and it is better

@ D21 Lewis

I would rather have MS points - or give all the Gold members 3 months free membership. And if we have to get the free Live game, we should be able to get it whenever - because my 20gb HDD is fillin' up and I won't buy an HDD until it hits 250gb.