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You know what i am talking about and if you been on game related forums, espeically those apart of a series and especially those who is primary multiplayer focus, there are group of forum gamers who demand that game be the same. This group of gamers are very vocal and sometimes can sway a developer but really they are gamers who really dont know what they want and can sometimes ruin a game for everyone. 

Maybe you have complained once for a game to be like the previous, but when you think about what you want from this next game when you demand such a requirement you should think about two things: The developer and yourself. First off the developer, no developer likes making games they dont want to make, a game that been forced on them is something they hate, they are creative people who like to experiement and try new things. In todays siutation and public company profit driven publishers, risks are few and sequel/franchises are must have now. So when a developer is laid the task of making a sequel they still want to use there creativity, they still want to explore new things, but a sequel restricts that alot so another thing they try is "Improve", for the better or worst they try to change what is not right an make it better. So being nagged constantly about demands to make the game more like the same is painfall on the developer and if they do bark loud enough for the publsiher to notice and enforce  such policy they are even more creatively shackled and this could result in the finished product being worst than before because the developers drive and motivation may sink with the power to add you own to the project. 

Then you have the player who is stuck in his/her own nostalgia, one thing i can say about the player who in this situation is that they dont know what they really want and in cases like this end up contradicting themselves majority of the time. The first thing the people like this bark is to "Keep the game the same", then they may follow up with something like this "But Improve the graphics, remove the bugs, and tweek this and that". So one moment they are yelling at them to not change a thing then do a let the leash off on adding some changes to only quickly pull on the choke chain as those changes must follow my strick guidlines and must turn out like in my dreams. Graphical improvements can alter things like flow due to level changes to companstate the new graphics, doing a the slightest tweek can sometimes radically alter the game play for better or worst. So when developers state that they have made the game for the old time fans haven't made many changes but those they wanted, they usally get a response "You have changed too Much, what have you done, you have ruined everything!". 

So all i can say about these people that dont want changes in gaming is to instead embrace the changes and explore new terrorities because restoring to notaliga isn't always for the best. Facebook games may be your forbidden enemy for some, but it could provide your best gaming experiences ever, you never know until you try new things. So basically its like anything in life, where if you dont try new things, then you can never experience what could be your new love and miss out in the end. So if you are one of these people who complain and complain to developers , all i can say is to stop and instead encourage change and support new ideas and creativity now because in reality many have really no room to move and are forced not to provide the creativity they can offer. 

Well thats some random ranting from myself. 

Of Course That's Just My Opinion, I Could Be Wrong

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I think I just managed to disprove your wall of text with this single word.

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I like old games to be the same, but that does not mean they have to be the same. Add some hidden areas, open up some more stuff, add missions, graphics etc. Example would be the secrets in banjo kazooie that you could not get to before or all the unfinished stuff in games like goldeneye 64. Keep it the same, but add to it!

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i love change. maybe i'm to excepting. you guy's always here me talk about the number of new ip i want to see or the catering to my interest with new and innovative ip/games and thats wht i mean. i agree with the op without question but some change is stupid and needless but we all know that.