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  I've recently picked up two remasterings of 6th Gen titles, Beyond Good & Evil and Resident Evil 4. I picked up BGE mainly because I never gave it more than a night's rental chance back when it came out, am pleasantly pleased with it so far. However I was not pleased to see that as a full game that once sold for just as much as the tiles of today on PS3 and 360, it did not have a Platinum trophy, my friend and I like to collet trophies and he's a bit of a platinum hunter,  so he was saddened by this probably more so than I was. I predicted to him then that this won't be the last game to not have a platinum when it needs it, though I didn't know which game wouldn't have it next...I was shocked when it came to light that it was Resident Evil 4.


  I've still bought and am currently playing through both games, but it's very upsetting as a fan, in particular Resident Evil 4 which had the full gamerscore of 1000 points on the 360. Resident Evil 4 is even charged at the more expensive rate that 6th Gen remasters go for ($19.99 and £11.99-£13.99) which puts BGE slightly ahead as it's charged at a much cheaper price than regular remasters. Another thing that dawned on me with Resident Evil 4 is that the level set up was quite similar to that of Resident Evil 5, 1-1/1-2/1-3 and so on so forth, and in 5 there was atrophy awarded for each segment.


My question today is, do you think that's it better for the minimalist input of rewards in 6th Gen remasterings on the current consoles or would you like to see more bang for your buck?

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Bangs baby, you can never have enough Bangs.

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It is costing the company basically nothing to remake these games so I would expect a good amount of bells and whistles.

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I'm all for good remakes of older games.

Loved GOW collections and I know i'll love the Halo: CEA remake.

I dont know what it is ... I really dont. I just dont get that ppl are whining over a trophies , Im shocked that ppl are actually ok with trophies adee as a "feature". I would be disappointed if tri-Ace remade any of ther games and just added trophies.

Why would trophies even be considered more for your buck? if RE4 had a platinum how would change the game? you still playing the same xxact game.

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Xxain said:
Why would trophies even be considered more for your buck? if RE4 had a platinum how would change the game? you still playing the same xxact game.

Well for a Trophy hunter the Platinum alone is worth it, but trophies can often add more to a game if done correctly. Trophies which ask you to collect are amongst my favourite examples of this, would keep you playing the game and probably make it more interesting, and there could have been trophies with the mercenaries and Ada segments, this game could have had a good 50+ trophies. It could have had optional move support as another thread suggested and there could have been online coop for the mercenaries segment also which would have been nice :)

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Isn't this Resident Evil 4 supposed to get a boxed release with Code Veronica?

That would be the first boxed collection without a platinum then which is really strange.

It had a retail release with Code Veronica in Japan, but it's so far stirctly a store/live purchase for the rest of the world, which is a bit annoying as most of my friends with a PS3 aren't getting the game now lol

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Well that's disappointing if this isn't getting a retail release. I guess I can forget about a retail Devil May Cry Collection as well then.

I'd like a Devil May Cry Collection and would love to see it at retail...I would try to get everyone I know to buy it :') In an effort for it to outsell the new game with the DmC name on it lol

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