Was Zack & Wiki for the Wii a flop?

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Did Capcom make a profit or at least break even?

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I think the game has already posted a profit for them. I am sure once Europe sales are added the game will be around 350k-450k which is low, but the expectations weren't too high for the game anyways.

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We cannot say anything useful about Zack & Wiki's sales for now. We have to wait until it's out for a month or so in the PAL regions to really say if it flopped or not. Personally, I think it will do fine in the end. A sequel is already underway, so...

The amount of resources they put into this game likely means it'll break even by 100-200k. It hasn't been doing great but its been doing decent enough. There's no doubt that Europe sales will be enough (potentially just NA sales) to push this into the green.

Capcom realizes that these types of games are ones that take a while to build user awareness and word of mouth so the fact that they already have a sequel in the making is a good sign.

I do find it ironic considering everyone thinks that only casual games sell on wii and mature games don't. So far Capcom has seen incredible success with RE4, great success with RE:UC and the biggest underperformer (relatively) will be Z&W which most people say would be the least mature title.

It's hard to know how much it would cost to make a game like that. It seems more like it was a few dev's labour of love than it was a huge team's efforts.

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They're planning a sequel, which I doubt they'd do for a property that lost them money.

Half of the benefit of them making this game is getting to play around with how the wiimote motion control works and developing the programming code/engine information for it.

Its a great idea actually, they can do all the preliminary understanding on how to use the motion controls best for their later high production games (i.e. MH3) while still making money back for it by releasing a small quick game.

I think it broke even and with it being relased in europe soon, it'll make a profit . I think capcom is pleased with the outcome.


I haven't heard anything but good press about this game. It will turn a profit pretty soon, if it hasn't already.

This game wasn't evn on my radar until I saw it mentioned here and now it's one of the games i'm definately getting this year (as soon as it launches here).


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