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they gave Resistance 3 a 9/10!!  resistance 3 is a mediocre game in my opinion.. its not even that great!!

they gave Gears of War 3 a 9/10?????? i am so pissed off..   how can IGN give a mediocre and a AAA game the same score?

people in IGN are biased..    or maybe they just wanna ruin Gears of Wars' chance to be the GOTY

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Given that I dislike both franchise, what makes IGN biased in this sense. Didn't you just state that resistance is mediocre in your opinion. Maybe they view IN THEIR OPINION Resistance and Gears of War to be both 90/100 games.


Well I think resistance 3 is a great game and it well deserves a 9

How far are you into Gears 3, and when did you play Res3?

why do we have this every time a reviewer does not give the game the score you want it to have?

why cant you people just xxcept that games like uncharted and gears are not going like by everybody
especially those who didnt fall for hype?

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I just finished Resistance 3 today, I enjoyed it more than both of my past Gears of War experiences, I'd also give it a 9/10 and I say all this being a pretty big Gears fan. The reviews were also written by different people, their ideas of what a 9/10 means may be different.

Outside of a Playstation dedicated review site, I doubt you'll find a Western site that is biased for the PS3.

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Good job, you have an opinion. Just cause IGN didn't give it a 10 doesn't mean they hate it. RE3 and GoW3 are bit similar in story and that kind of hopeless war atmosphere, in my opinion. It's obvious in their eyes RE3 had some great features and a few flaws and same for GoW3. 9 is an excellent score and Epic Games should be proud that. Quit bitching about such a high score. With all that being said, I doubt GoW3 would have made GOTY. Nominated? Of course. Won? Very unlikely.

In all seriousness, I do not understand why are you mad. I'm not here to call you a fanboy, or curse you out for calling RE3 mediocre. I just wanna know, why is 9 a bad score? 9 is near perfection, for fuck's sake!

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Sheesh..these kind of threads should be locked for occupying space

IGN hates gears of war....because it gave resistance 3 the same score...

OMG the logic.

"I love Gears but I don't like PS3/Sony/Resistance so why haven't IGN reviewed Gears as perfect and then shat on Resistance?"

Moronic thread.