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All the game consoles are looking to have gr8 2008's! 360 is releasing a sack full of goodies. the ps3 is unloading the truck of sony! the wii will have a better year next year than 2007. but i want to know from you guys this:

Will the wii continue it's rampage of total destruction and outsell everyone next year? 3rd parties are doing on the wii what they could of only dreamt of on the n64 and gamecube! the wii is beating 2 consoles that have been on the market for 5 and 4 years this year! (xbox and gamecube) Also, there are more promising 3rd party games on the wii like:

Destroy All Humans: Big Willy Unleashed

No More Heroes

Red Steel 2

Medal of Honor Heroes (3rd version will be released and may be on psp also.)

Cooking Mama 2 (casuals will eat up this game! no pun intended.)

Sonic Riders Zero Gravity

Probably a Dragonball z Tenkaichi 4

Guitar Hero 4 if it comes next year. (since the 3rd one passed the million mark.)

Call of Duty 5 (Treyarch is making it so it might return to wii.)

There's also much more that are coming along with the big first party titles like:



WIIFIT (Casuals will completely suck it up! Reggie Fils-Aime might be on Oprah if this gets out to all the casuals!)

and many more!!

I do believe wii will still dominate the world with it's huge sales! No matter what games are released.! Nintendo has 2 markets now. If one doesn't by games the other will. (casual and hardcore.)  

PS3 will come second will ps1 like sales next year. ( but not wii or ps2 like sales)

 360, as much as it is hard to say it since i like and have all 3, will not see close to the amount of sales the wii and ps3 will get. I doubt if it will get half of the ps3's sales next year! ps3 came out way later than 360 and is already more than halfway to it! (most doubted that it would get even 5 million sales next year!!


Your Thoughts???

Damn things have changed since 2009 began. Here are my new visions for the end of the generation.


Wii: 135 mil

Ps3: 85 mil

360: 60 mil

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The wii mania will most likely start to fade at the end of 09 but really depends on third parties to be honest...well see

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Wii will maintain this tremendous sales output.

All three have a good 2008 lineup already. Wii's will get better as time progresses. Nintendo is always more quiet about its plans. Expect big things by E3.

Pizza_TheHut said:
The wii mania will most likely start to fade at the end of 09 but really depends on third parties to be honest...well see

 this has been said in 06 and 07 and in 08 now in 09? whats next it wont fade till 2010? maybe 2011 hhmm what about 2012 or even 2013? never know when its gonna fade till it happends but it is still a hott item and the demand is still so huge that even 2 million shipped in one week put a dent in it at all. that could mean alot for the next 2-3 years

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It'll fade when the holographic, hand controlled Uss appears in 2014


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Avinash_Tyagi said:
It'll fade when the holographic, mind controlled Uss appears in 2014


And yeah, Wii will see a fantastic 2008. Some third parties will shift it's focus and instead of rushed out games we will see more quality. Also, new IPs from Nintendo of course

By 2009 most major projects in most companies will have shifted completely to Wii... except Konami and Square, who will go bankrupt.

People that say the Wii will begin to fade are forgetting that the PS2 is still selling strong. If someone ever decides to push the envelope with the Wii to the extremes that the PS2 was pushed, the Wii will be fine. Wii sales will continue to be strong as long as they keep cranking out top notch titles at the current break neck pace. 2008 looks to be pretty stacked so I guess the question mark begins to show itself in 2009. By that time, the Wii will be past it's third Christmas and hitting it's peak. I hope they dont' linger on the Wii too awfully long though. I want a new console out in the late 2010 range. By then the Wii SP should have HD capabilities, and replace the Wiimote with a thought controlled scheme. Should be fun!

Wii Fit is their big gun for 2008... With SSBB and SMK as backup. Other than that though it's looking kinda lame but I'm sure Nintendo has something up their sleeve. And I'm sure third parties are going to step up to the plate with some quality games.

Should be an interesting year. I'd expect some major announcements soon. I would be SHOCKED if Rock Band is not out on the Wii in 2008.

the wii success is set in stone, lots of sites and lots of shows are endorsing the wii in its exercise benefits. Nintendo was thought of a kiddy game system, now an adult system as well.

Kids+adults, parents will get the wii for themselves and for their kids. I agree the wii doesn't have many "hardcore" gamer titles but the wii is getting into the homes of many different kinds of gamers, the non-gamers.