Its Over. Battlefied 3 is the new console king for graphics.

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Wow that does look impressive :P ... I don't know about graphics king, but it's up there. Also I don't understand why everybody thinks U3 will trump all... I don't see anything particularly impressive with Uncharted except for the scenery. Everything else is ok imo...

Valkyria Chronicles is still the best looking game on consoles.

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De ja vu!!!!!

alanwake,crysis 2, bulletstorm all over again!!!! ahh well it aint fun in VGC without fail graphics king every year.

Killzone 3 easily beats this gameplay

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I can't see what some of you see, that BF3 footage looked good but not breathtaking. Maybe it's because of the night time footage, because I do believe BF3 will graphically be among the very best on consoles.

For now Uncharted is still the king with Crysis 2 not that far behind. Hopefully Rage can challenge the, but I don't think so.

Quality-wise BF3 beats them all but that's a different topic I guess.

Remember when Selnor said Lost Planet 2 was the best looking game on consoles? Good times.

I wouldn't be so quick to call this one, considering the game looked like this on the 360 not too long ago...

Wait and see.

Taken from the latest trailer.

Whats up with the character models? Anyone else think they looked flat? The fire wasn't impressive either, especially not after what we've seen from Uncharted. Honest to god, I didn't find anything in particular impressive at all. I can't seriously be the only one?!

CGI-Quality said:
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Iveyboi said:
Lol you said the same thing about Crysis 2 and that was not the king. Nearly on par with Killzone but not Uncharted level.

IGN and many like it say different

Although it's not really important, not too many sites said Crysis 2 was the best looking console game (although a good few did say it was the best looking title on consoles). Some of the sites you're speaking of said it was the best looking FPS, one of the best, or possibly the best looking . Many more said Killzone 3 was the best looking console game overall.

Sites can keep claiming this and this has better graphics than that last thing, but I think there's hardly been progress since Killzone 2