God of War III crosses the 4 million mark!

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Seems that 4 million of us went out and bought this game, putting it at the top of the series and genre in sales!

Americas - 2,604,686 Japan - 117,107 EMEAA - 1,280,003 Worldwide - 4,001,796
God of War III (PS3)
Sony Computer Entertainment, Action
2.60 0.12 1.28 4.00


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Awesome. End of life predictions anyone?

Dr.Grass said:
Awesome. End of life predictions anyone?

I originally predicted 4.7million-ish. Looks like it will reach that.


my prediction:

God of war 3 will do 5 mill lifetime


It will do between 4.5 and 5.0 million lifetime.

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Deserves every sale it gets, fantastic game. Hope it gets to 5 million! :)

And still the best looking console game I've played. There's never been a game that blew me away as many times, in a single play through, as God of War III did! Truly remarkable game!


Awsome! god of war series has grown a lot.

I'm thinking 5.5 million with trilogy sales included. BTW, am I the only one amazed at how much this sold in Japan? It doubled the combined lifetime sales of GOW1 and 2.

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Color me REALLY impressed.