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Which method do you find visually best to play a DS game?

Play on a DS/i/XL 0 0.00%
Play on a 3DS scaled up (... 0 0.00%
Play on a 3DS using nativ... 0 0.00%

I'm about to start playing a DS game but I was wondering on which platform should I play it? I'm well aware there are some visual alterations when playing DS games on the 3DS, but my trouble is I can't quite decide if it matters much or not. I'm talking about which platform looks the most aesthetically pleasing in terms of playing a DS game.

Here are the three options:

- Play on a DS/i/XL

- Play on a 3DS scaled up (slightly blurred, larger)

- Play on a 3DS using native resolution (sharper image, smaller than DS screen)


As I alluded to before, I checked out the differences on my own but just can't come to a decision. I'm hoping the large base of users here might have a more unanimous decision from more experience than I with the three options. I mean, if one option is particularly better than the other two then surely a large number of people will have come to the same conclusion.

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