If the Wii never existed, what would the market look like?

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This question is assuming there is no Nintendo?
Then PS3.
But what a sad world without Nintendo.

A different hypothetical would be:
If Nintendo dropped its hardware line, and sold equal portions of all of its IP's to both Sony and Microsoft, which console would you buy?

But even that is hard to answer, since for me it would come down to whichever has Mario.

This is why questions like this are hard for me to answer.
there would never be a world without the wii.
if it wasn't the wii, it would have been something else that took the consumer friendly low price point route.

For the PS3 and 360 to be the consoles they are, a wii is needed for contrast.

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HappySqurriel said:

People who bought a Wii at $250 either own a PS3/XBox 360, or they wouldn't have considered a $400 gaming system ...

Rather than having news stories about how amazingly popular the Wii was this year, we would be discussing the death (and eventual collapse) of the home console market due to the slow sales of the PS3 and XBox 360.

What he said.

To your other question, without the Wii I would have left console gaming.  Or had Nintendo released a PS360 type system I would be waiting for it to drop below $300 and even then I wouldn't have gotten 15 games in it's entire life much less 15 in less than a year like I have with the Wii.  I would just be DS and PC gaming these days.

I think the only thing that could safely be said is that if the Wii didn't exist, the PS3 would be selling an awful lot better in Japan. Outside of Japan, I don't know how different it would be.

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If I didn't have my Wii, I may have bought the 360 Premium + VP + Forza2 for 300€ this christmas... But I would definitely buy less games than what I'm buying on Wii.
I think if the Wii didn't exist, X360 and PS3 sales would be about 120% of what they are. Most of Wii owners wouldn't have bought anything yet instead.

If the Wii didn't exist I would have gotten a PS3 sooner. Getting the 80GB with MotorStorm for 400 (and the fact I wanted to play PS2 games since I only had close to launc) made if sensible to me. I would like a 360 but a couple issues stopped me from getting it (RROD+HW failure worries, subscription, not a huge FPS fan). Also if the 360 did have the HD DVD built in I might have gotten it instead.
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If there wouldn't be Wii, 360 and PS3 would sell better. But the hard part is how much better. Also the PS2 would see better 3rd party support. Anyway i'd go with Happy Squrriel on this one.

As what it comes to question would i own any other console, the answer would be no. The only reason why i'm still in gaming, is Wii and its new control methods (ok, i would still own a DS), which is the only real improvement in this generation. I had already decided that i wouldn't buy a new console anymore, until i saw a video about Iwata revealing Wii Remote at TGS. After the video, i knew i had to buy that console.

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Nintendo games sell only on Nintendo system.

Everything would probably be the same but the consoles would have slightly higher sales.

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Nintendo NextGen sales would have tanked... About 8 Million people who never bought a console would still have never bought a console... And the world would continue to turn without threat of your grandmother kicking your butt at WiiSports...

to tell you the truth, i think that the video game market would see a crash! most gaming gens have 3 or more consoles to expand the market. ps2 is last gen. ps3 and 360 alone ain't enough to get people into gaming. (though ps3 has blu-ray.) i also think if wii didn't exist 360 would have been done as soon as ps3 launched! i have all 3 consoles and can honestly say that brandname is what sticks out most to everyone! not as much people know XBOX like everyone knows PlayStation!!

Also, i brought all 3 consoles because they each have different games i want to play. (Though it seems like i should have bought 360 or ps3 not both since most games are multiplat!) Wii is revolutionary!
Some may not agree but i think that the ps3 and 360 are selling because of the wii, ds, and ps2! without those 3, not that many people would jump into gaming this gen like they did last gen!

Damn things have changed since 2009 began. Here are my new visions for the end of the generation.


Wii: 135 mil

Ps3: 85 mil

360: 60 mil

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I was ready to stop playing Console games altogether when Iwata revealed the Wiimote during E3 2006. I wasn't willing to play PS1 games (with better graphics!) for another 5 years.

As for your question: Casuals won't buy consoles until they approach $200. The PS2 would be alive for at least 3 more years, until MS or Sony hits that sweet spot.

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