Would you all be dissapointed if Gears 3 got less than a 9 metascore?

Forums - Microsoft Discussion - Would you all be dissapointed if Gears 3 got less than a 9 metascore?

Both Gears 1 & 2 got a Metascore of 94 and 93 respectively.....

                                                                     So would you all make a fit if it got a worse score??                                                      

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I am guessing it will get exactly 89 metacritic score.

For today's standards that would be great.

Why would I be disappointed? A game that gets a 7 or 8 is still a fine game...

Nope, I don't like Gears. But it won't happen, I think it's easily going to clear 90.

Here's an idea to all those who care.

Stop giving a shit about a number that will probably have no bearing on how much you like/dislike the game, and in all certainty is more likely to be proportional to how much $$$ exchanges hands from the publishers to the reviewers.

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I don't play anything lower than 9.8

No I wouldn't be disappointed...in fact I expect it to get around 90 with the way they review games these days.

i will be angry if it gets anything less than 10/10 for the story.

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I'd be seriously disapointed and surprised if it got lower than 9% Meta..

Who actually cares enough for these things to be classified as disappointed ?
You're disappointed when someone doesnt like a game as much as you do?