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announce a game then also announce that the game is going to be released in about 1-3 months time. Take Hard reset, announced a few months ago have now released the game. 

Or do you like the drawn out announcement of it announced 1-2 years ago of slow interval hype, displays at trade events, possible delays because announcing a game so far into development there are bound to be issues. 

For me i like the biltzkrieg appoach, and i rather have this for all games, and have it that a game can be announced no eariler than 6 months before its planned release date. So for example all the hot games of this hoilday period all should of been announced at E3. I say its better than announcing the year before E3 of the end of last year because waiting isn't as fun as playing the game, and less wait the better. 

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Doesn't matter to me, in the end you're still waiting.




I prefer the announce and release a few months later. Any longer and i seem to loose interest.

Announce and release close afterwards. Less chance of shitty games getting their hype up that way. Though obviously that's exactly why that won't be happening much.

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Doesn't really matter to me. I probably prefer the shorter announce and release cycle though.

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I prefer the announcement and then release shortly afterwards approach. It's a pain waiting for games which are announced years ahead of time, like Versus XIII and The Last Guardian. Those two games are the biggest culprits, considering we have barely seen anything about them.