So I finally got around to trying SMG

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I know these types of topics are fairly common, but I finally got around to trying the copy of SMG I got for christmas.....I know it's embarassing I waited so long, but I've been embroiled in Guitar Hero and MOH:H2.

All I have to say is wow, Nintendo really did a good job on this one. Control wise, they're very comfortable feeling and the whole differing gravity/planet thing is really a fresh take on platforming, at least IMO. Also, I had sort of figured reviewers were exaggerating when they implied that SMG's graphics made it look like something you might find on the 360/PS3, but it really does look quite impressive on an HDTV.

I only hope some of the other development studios take notice of how well this game was done and put a little more production value into some of their games.......mind you the ironic part of that statement was that I wasn't able to play SMG at first because I was so addicted to a pair of 3rd party games......but what can ya do :)

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