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It's come in for some critiscm for it's lack of content but what do we think of the contents thats there already and are we enjoying it. Personally I like the magic videos (magic's always interested me) and I really enjoy the Oscar videos. Good story's, decent music, excellent animation and plenty of humour.

What about you guys?

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No nintendo video in my country, no comments... ;(


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I personally quite enjoy the Oscar's Oasis series of videos. I also think I remember hearing about plans to put Shawn the Sheep on there as well, but I'm not sure.

I've enjoyed the service quite a bit too. There is not a lot of content but what is there is usually enjoyable. I'm in the US and my my favorite videos on the service so far are Dinosaur Office and the newer video that is looking out a train window. I also like that Nintendo is using the service as an opportunity to promote eshop games in an unobtrusive manner.

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Its pretty cool I try not to watch all of it to soon though.

I've been underwhelmed so far, but it's a free service so I'm not complaining.


No nintendo video in my country :'(

can't use it. region locked.

I just wish we could opt to save the videos. 3D videos are hard to come by.

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