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Which will YOU be buying?

Call of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 32 21.33%
Battlefield 3 70 46.67%
Both 16 10.67%
Neither 31 20.67%

I'm gonna buy MW3 for PS3, & BF3 for PC like a boss.

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i'm not going to read that because no matter how you shape it or how much hype is behind it Battlefeild3 it won't out sell MW3, but the i do see 6 to 8m on both consoles, and battlefeild4 will cause problems for the COD franchise if BF3 lives up to the hype.

I can't understant that hate about CoD... the games are extremely fun .

im buying both-MW3 for 360 and BF3 for PS3. I dont have a super awesome PC so looks like I have to settle for the ps3 version which includes battlefield 1943 for free (i already own it on xbox).

I didn't enjoy the last to CoD titles that much so I'll probably skip MW3 unless reviews convince me otherwise. BF3 I may get as the tech and other elements look interesting - but I'm considering upgrading my PC which I've let slip for a few years so I might switch away from console for BF3 if I do get it and play it on PC where I expect the title will shine best technically.

Try to be reasonable... its easier than you think...

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Not buying either, but i AM renting both. I expect BF3 to be better. MW3 is the pinnacle of been there done that. BF3 at least has a next gen engine.



I'm buying both since I love both series.

CoD MW3 will destory BF3 in sales.
BF3 will destory MW3 in critical acclaim and quality.

I love EA and dislike Activision, but the amount of shit they've been throwing at Activision is just uncalled for. I'm rather suprised Activision still keeps composure and doesnt retaliate as much as EA. Hell Robert Bowling continously praised BF3 and said he'll buy it rightaway. This whole BF3 vs MW3 is stupid ass.

Lord_Yggdrassil said:


Like FIFA, MW3 is a game that's big in the mainstream (or casual) audience which is why it will sell better even it BF3 gets better reviews