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Moar Kevin!

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this thread mirrors my exact reasons for becoming inactive on this site... pity how shallow some people are...

How many times has KB insulted the compition? Twice? Both viral ads to build hype...

Forrest spirit you were most likely not wanting to buy a ps3 anyway and these ads probablly have little effect on this...

Time for me to become inactive again...

Wow, i don't understand why people get all worked up on an advert.
its an advert, why are you so "excited" about it?
its an advert, why are you so "butthurt" about it?

Lol, pretty good vid. Always found KB funny. Though, at the end when he lit the sign on fire, you have heard someone scream "Oh My Dear Lord, No!!"

And LMAO at the haters. Who gets all worked up over a commercial just because its not from your console maker of choice? Insecure much?

Seece said:
Wagram said:
KB never specifically insulted any specific group with that statement. If you think he targeted Kinect, Wii, or casual games in general. Perhaps that's your own opinion of them but you're in denial over it.

It was just a joke and I don't believe it was targeted at anyone.

"Listen up, I'm not coming back to the industry to sell some watered down, get-grandma-off-the-couch weak-sauce".

Exactly who else could that be aimed at?? It's you in denial. A) Get off the coach (Wii, Kinect, heck even move, but then they're not gonna slate there own product) B) Grandma aka casual gamer. The evidence is all there.

And yeah it's just a joke, never said it wasn't, just pointing out the flaws. This is what I mean about insecure.

That, and his leaving Sony a bit, does announce a transitioning to a new ad campaign.  Butler will be focusing on core gaming at this point, as was seen by the montage.  Butler is actually the best ambassador for that demographic.

I will say... "Economy Flooring" FTW!  That is awesome.  Butler also takes a shot at the economy.

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LOL love the KB ad and the awesome jab at the utter crap. As long as they continue to cater to the core and not sacrificing quality for the blue ocean, they will have something much more important to any company (when enough numbers) and that is customer loyalty. The PS2 went into mass market appeal and look how many jumped ship to the so-called innovations. Luckily the core proved to push the PS3 through difficult times and I am sure they will continue to do so. Oh how people have forgotten the previous 2 generations so fast.

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wholikeswood said:

You're both as supremely fucking irritating as each other - so stop ruining this thread with your boring bitching lest I reach for my flaming crossbow and try my luck...

Good one.

In seriousness, issue was long resolved.



This ad is 2 minutes long... 2 minutes. Ads like that don't get played on air. The only people that are gonna see this are the ones that are already more informed gamers that bother to look this shit up and will know that they're looking at something playstation related.

What we'll see on TV will be much shorter and straight to the point.

Some of you guys are making a big deal out of nothing.

4 ≈ One

You know...this ad did EXACTLY what it was supposed to do.

It got people talking about Sony.