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epcily funny

Being in 3rd place never felt so good

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aaaaaah =) i missed him

If you can't beat 'em, bash 'em.

Pixel Art can be fun.

Very funny but I agree with Seece in that this is probably not an effective TV-ad because you have to know the backstory to understand most of it. Hope they shorten it up for the TV.

KB is back...awesome

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kb is back in the house baby...

this is just one ad and the haters came here to spit venom ? damn you haters !!!



Meh, I'd hoped they finally got rid of the butler...I can see why PS3 fans like him but as a non-PS3 owner I really can't say he makes me want to go out and buy a PS3. Quite the opposite actually. He's the kind of guy that doesn't know how to debate so he resorts to insults instead. If Sony wants 360/Wii-gamers to "upgrade" then Butler is definitely not helping, imho.

Get someone who knows how to properly show off the Sony games instead.

CGI-Quality said:
Munkeh111 said:
Kantor said:
Now ship him over to the UK to make some ads for us. Our PS3 ads are lame

Yeah they are...

And I have missed KB, hopefully this should provide a little push in the US

Just curious, what are the ads like there?

They are boring old show some of the game, and then have the PS3 at the end, the same style as you would get for a 3rd party game

Í'm glad that he's back, I buy every game that has a Kevin Butler ad if he comes to Europe!

Some people are reacting ridiculously even though they are obviously a fan of another company ...