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I think LSU
I hope Ohio State

Hopefully neither. I don't get how a two loss team makes it, and then to play another team who lost late in the season. I just think the selection could have been better.

Perhaps they'll start a having playoffs instead sometime within the next few years.


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LSU baby!

WHo else deserved to be in there cdude1034?

VT? LSU beat them 48-7.

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Well after the beating WVU gave Oklahoma...

But you make a good point. It wasn't a very clear year. Hawaii was 11-0 though...


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Hawaii got beat 41-10 by Georgia. Georgia didn't make the SEC championship.

WVU played really well though.

Ohio State of course.

Why do you think so albonius?

Come on. There has to be some more CFB fans here!

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