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MikeB said:
@ sieanr

Anyways none of those games are in anyway similar to the 3rd person shooters described in this thread

Of course there are striking similarities to be found in such games:

Narco Police

Of course not very advanced for the genre yet, but just look at the screenshots. You walk through 3D tunnels aiming your gun at badguys from a 3rd person perspective camera view.

Now combine the core concept with Cabal:

Co-op game, taking cover behind walls and you are on under way to the core concept of Gears.

Combine Dungeon Master from 1987 (magic spells, shooting arrows, eating food and collecting stuff, etc) and a more talky shooter like Law of the West from 1985 or adventure games and you have more the core concept of a modern game like Oblivion. Lots of gaming experimention happened in the 80s.

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Cabal is definitely a shooting gallery game like Nam 1975 or parts of Contra. Its certainly not a 3rd person shooter no matter how you slice it.

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@ sieanr

Its certainly not a 3rd person shooter no matter how you slice it.

Two questions:

So you do agree Cabal is a "shooter"?

Do you think the game is viewed from a 3rd person perspective?

The game doesn't have a fancy 3D engine I surely agree, a pre-Doom game like Robocop 3 for the good old Amiga 500 (@ 7 Mhz, other versions like the Snes game were 2D games) would be a better example:

http://youtube.com/watch?v=vYFdgyuv6fU (3D FPS starts at 7:20)

Naughty Dog: "At Naughty Dog, we're pretty sure we should be able to see leaps between games on the PS3 that are even bigger than they were on the PS2."

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Mike, I tried concentrating on the cover system a little more near the end of the game and while it did work a little better, it is still wonky. The problem lies with the dive/roll button being the same as the cover button. It works most of the time while advancing but in the church near the end, attempting to roll laterally between cover to get a bead on the laser snipers ended up with me nearly getting capped a handful of times. It just doesn't work consistently. Not terrible but not in the same league as Gears IMO where moving under cover, lateral movement, and sticking to EVERYTHING you want is never a problem.

I also died twice in the courtyard before the church trying to take cover on a perfectly acceptable wall but Naughty Dog failed to code those walls as cover points. There's no reason for that. In an area as large as that courtyard, a player like me could end up anywhere and that's the fun of situations like that. I run around a lot to flank enemies but apparently Naughty Dog didn't want me using those areas as firing points. Lame. I was hoping for more wide-open combat where I could problem solve on the fly. The checkpoints after I died only confirmed this idea because they were laden with cover points but if you were to stray out of that area, it becomes a BYOC (Bring Your Own Cover) game. Icky, I hate linearity like that. I usually end up doing things completely contradictory to the game designer's plans but Naughty Dog didn't do a good job of allowing that type of play.

Anyway, as for this silly "shooter" debate... I played almost every old game you listed, Mike. I think we're probably close to the same age. I don't consider those games shooters (my shooter timeline pretty much starts at Doom) because of the control limitations of the NES/SNES/Genesis. Either way, if you consider those shooters, no big deal. I just wanted to clarify my earlier comments about playing shooters for 15 years.

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rocketpig said:
Cool. It should come in at a decent length then.

If you doing it in hard mode then it should last about 10 hours (maybe a little less, my Son did it 9 hours but it took me 10:15).

But after you done with it Crushing mode is totally worth another go.In crushing mode it took me almost 12 hours to complete. The AI ismuch smarter and forces you to completely change your play style. No way you can stay in cover for more than a few seconds. Crushing mode is frustrating some times, enfuriating other times and massive fun all the time :)

PS: I got all the 1000 medals and both Cartoon Drake and Doughnut Drake are hilarious to play with ;)

Can you take a photo of cartoon and doughtnut drake, i don;t have the heart to find every meddle and play on crushing, let alone hard.


 Sure, I'll do a short movie with all of them... will work on this over the weekend (with my video camera so expect bad quality). 

 Thanks, I have no concern over quality

Sorry man, I was pretty busy this weekend and could not play at all. I'll try to do it tomorrow. 

I finally got some free time to do this. Here is the link to a little movie I made with all Uncharted's unlockable characters:


 Rate it a 10 (even if it sucks ass)  

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