Which Harry Potter book is worst?

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Which Harry Potter book is worst?

Philosophers Stone 8 17.02%
Chamber of Secrets 9 19.15%
Prisoner of Azkaban 2 4.26%
Goblet of Fire 4 8.51%
Order of the Phoenix 16 34.04%
Half-Blood Prince 3 6.38%
Deathly Hallows 5 10.64%

So out of the seven books which one do you consider to be the worst in the series and why?

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The second book, I feel like nothing important happened in that one

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The Order of the Phoenix was the worst. That doesn't mean it sucked, but out of an outstanding series, it was the weakest. It was too long and should have been edited down. On top of that all of the sudden Harry became and angsty dick. I'd just outgrown that phase by the time that book came out, so I couldn't relate. I just found him annoying at times.

Half-Blood Prince was probably the second weakest. Really, the plots of books 5-6 could have been combined. It felt like we were just taking an extended amount of time to set up the final battle in book 7. Oh, and book 6 overused the word "snogging" too much.

I'm wondering if people's age will impact their choice. I started reading the series in 1999, when I was 11. That probably helped keep me glued to the early books. I was hitting them right when I was the age of the main characters.

I liked Order of the Phoenix the least, but it was still great!

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Chamber of Secrets. It just seemed like a random misadventure.

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I want to say Azkaban or Half Blood Prince. Azkaban lacked the sense of adventure that 1, 2, and 4, and although i appreciate its plot more as i grow older, still it remains the one that made the weakest impression on me, aside from 6, which i agree felt more like a lead-in to 7 than its own proper tale

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more of a side story to the series, and a terrible and uneventful one at that.

IMO of course

I'm torn between the first 2 books. They were both average. Granted, I read them both last year, so it's probably no surprise that I found them to be the weakest of the series (they're essentially kid's books, while the ones that followed become more mature and interesting). I'll go with book 1, I guess.

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2, i like all of the books but chamber of secrets had an annoying habit of trying to remind you of what happened in the 1st book.