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Alright so I was just thinking of the last time I uploaded a video on YouTube it had to be downgraded big time and the quality of the video diminished huge.

So as everyone knows I am one of only two users going to Penny Arcade Expo Prime in Seattle. At the convention their is going to be HaloFest along with a Halo4 press conference. I will also be visiting the Nintendo booth where several big games are expected to be playable like possibly Super Mario 3D Land or Mario Kart and SkywardSword etc...etc.. I also plan to hit the Sony booth and hopefully Vita will be their.

Anyways last year I had but loads of footage and screenshots from everything from Duke Nukem to Donkey Kong Country Returns. I posted lots of pics on YouTube and thought of posting some on Flickr and such but never got any to this site.

So I'm wondering after PAX I will have access to a computer for less then a week before shipping off up North for two months. I was wondering if their is a way to post good quality footage (I shoot in 1080p) without having to downgrade for YouTube. Or post new screenshots for several upcoming games on VGChartz?

Or do I have to post it all on Flickr and YouTube and link it to the site? Having this footage on VGChartz would probably draw in users as well.

I plan to attend HaloFest and plenty of after parties I should have pics and footage galore. So is their a way to host those videos and pics here on VGChartz or do I need to post them in threads via YouTube and such?


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The short, sweet answer is no. When filming at gaming conventions, there are certain things we as the press are and are not allowed to do. If we were to publish your video via gamrTV, then those rules would apply. The vast majority of publishers do not allow off-screen recording, which is pointing a camera - no matter how hi-def - at a screen and recording footage. They feel it doesn't properly portray the graphics or in the case of an early build, could reveal glitches that haven't been ironed out.

They do allow off-screen recording if it's in the background while filming an interview, however.

Screenshots fall under the same umbrella. We can't take off-screen photos and post them as screenshots. They have to be released by the developer/publisher or taken with a video capture device.

If you or anyone has further questions about this subject or would like to contribute video content to gamrTV, please email me at carnone@vgchartz.com.

-Chris Arnone
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Hmm nice to know, when I ran a game site I always took screenshots and posted them. Usually at PAX I always ask the developers if I can take screen shots and usually they let me. Of course many require you to sign NDA's so you can't talk or post pictures. But last year when I went into Duke's booth they actually asked me why I wasn't taking pictures. They said I couldn't take video but wanted me to take pictures, I even got to pose infront of the screen and with a developer and they helped me take pictures.

But I guess if I weren't on staff you wouldn't know if I was violating an NDA or something. I guess I'll post video and pics on YouTube and Flickr and then post in a thread. Because then it has no official link to VGChartz staff. Am I allowed to do that?


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If you're on your own YouTube accounts or whatnot, that's on you.