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Never heard of these guys, well i read something that mentioned them but never checked them out, but i am on a red orchestra 2 forum checking out the sad news its got delayed for 2 weeks, when one person posted that on green man gaming you can get the game which was currently 35 dollars on steam 20% off with a voucher and that if i went though his referral link i got 5 dollars credit as well. 

Being holding off the for the last few weeks to confirm, i decided to capitalized on the great deal, and got the digital deluxe edition for 2 dollars less than the retail and it was only 6 dollars more and support the devs. But now looking at other things, is that Dues Ex, which i was about to order from the UK since Steam has jacked up the costs by 10 dollars for us down under, but is only 42 dollar on the site. Thinking there must be a bolded text some where saying F**** you Australians, this is too good for you(like on direct to drive). but wiht nothing in sight, which made me wonder and want to capitalized on this deal as well. And after doing a suvey which i lied in some multiple choice questions i got a 10% off code. So it - the 10% and the 5 dollar credit, i would get the game for 33 dollars, some 30 dollars less than steam :D (what is this). 

If you aren't into RO2 you can get Deus Ex PC download for around 34 dollars with the 20% off which is a steal. 

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Dude I was so lost trying to understand your thread. But good for trying!


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yea it is a better deal then retail to bad i'm broke.