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Have been past some years since the actual generation began.. home consoles, portable consoles... and a lot of games.. I want you to choose your 5 Bests new IPs of this gen.. so yo have to pick games with no sequel now or in the  making and it has to be a game that was bor originally this gen


My top 5..


Mirror's Edge


Last Odissey

Zack & Wiki

Little King Story


and yours?

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Games with no sequels? Is there any reason for that? Having a sequel has no bearing on whether it's a new IP created this generation.

That stipulation rules out just about every choice I'd consider (LittleBigPlanet, Demon's/Dark Souls, Prof. Layton).

I'm left with... I dunno. Vanquish? Flower?

.... you pretty much have canned the potential of this thread:

Ima say

Resonance of Fate


The Last Story actual no you havent killed potential.. there was none to begin with, this has been made 1000 times before.

Mass Effe... Unchart.... InFAMO.... uhhhh
Heavy Rain.

- Assassin's Creed (series)
- Bioshock
- Cing C&P games (Another Code series + Hotel dusk & Last Window)
- Muramasa
- Mistwalker RPG (Last odyssey & Last Story)

-> I'm clearly HS but these are the best new IP of this gen for me !

next to see - Xenoblade (this month in France, 19) & Mass Effect series

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1) Dead Space
2) The World Ends With You
3) Mass Effect
4) Crysis
5) Uncharted

Remember guys.. this has to be a game with no sequel!! ;)

With No sequal... Don't see why that's necessary.

I guess

1) The World Ends With You
2) Catherine
3) Alpha Protocol

And then, none of the others I've played with no sequal I'd give over an 8... so I won't mention them.
Demon Soul's would be one... but dark soul's.

Screw your rules!

1. Demon's Souls
2. Mass Effect
3. Left 4 Dead
4. Gears of War
5. Uncharted

Yes, all have sequels, except Demon's Souls. Although Dark Souls is very similar in gameplay.

I think It's important in that way to see that we have played so many great games that maybe will not have a sequel neves :( becouse bad sales, piracy... and this can be a chance to make people remember a game and maybe buy it... and then maybe with luck we can see someday a sequel for it ;)