Why no love for Metroid's 25th Anniversary?

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Metroid is not as notable as Mario or Zelda but it would be nice to have some special edition.

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Metroid:Prime is my favourite game of all time. I'm really hoping for a revival of that style.

Because if they re-release the original Metroids on the Wii, or even the 1st one, it would probably easily outsell Metroid other M, and that wouldn't look good at all for Sakamoto and Nintendo in general. Ther's also another possible reason, that they can't be arsed to do it: I mean, super mario all stars on the Wii is blatantly a copy paste job. Minimum effort put in.

And instead of just being negative, Happy Birthday Metroid! Metroid prime was my best GC game, and I still love it, loved the other primes, and Metroid 1 as well, even if I've never finished it. Guess I could finally get to it now.

I guess all of Nintendo's IP are about 25 years old, so congratz to all.

Honestly this year Nintendo is celebrating Legend Of Zelda. like they did Mario for the whole year. Now if they were to celebrate Metroid this whole year as well. Well that would be to much for some consumers. So Nintendo chose the more popular more profitable franchise and decided to celebrate it this year. Metroid deserves recognition but it is in no way in the same league as Mario or Zelda.

Though something from Nintendo would be nice, maybe a re-release of the Metroid Prime collection!


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Last year was Mario's anniversary, and gamer's were treated to a port of a remake and a brand new style of Kirby game. This year is Zelda's anniversary and gamer's are treated to a free port, some music and Two brand new Kirby games!

Anybody see a pattern here?
Iwata appears to be playing favorites, so maybe it's better this way or we would have gotten a first person Kirby game as well

also, expect Kirby's Air Ride II on the anniversary of F-Zero

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Just be patient... more popular Zelda comes first! Metroid isn't as big of a seller as Mario and Zelda and they already released Metroid Trilogy... maybe they could release classic games like they did with Mario All-Stars

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What is Metroid? Never heard of it. Mario and Link are other things.

Look what Nintendo is doing instead, showing off our green friend: http://gamrconnect.vgchartz.com/thread.php?id=132588

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Metroid is vital franchise to nintendo maybe not a great moneymaker put it is the most pure franchise nintendo ever created and by pure I mean every game is awesome! Yes EVEN OTHER M. Haters gona hate.gif