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To everyone in this thread that stated that they "are broke": Ask yourselves, did you go broke buying PS3 exclusives? If the answer is no, I do not accept your excuses. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. ASHAMED!

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hey, I got the hero edition on day one! I did my part.

£50 on the PSN store is disgusting.

BenVTrigger said:
I called this in January that PS3 games would see low sales. I straight up called it. The fact is there's too many games and the kind of users who go out of their way to support 1st party titles and research them online are stretched thin with all those games as well as the HUGE number of quality multi-plats. Your going to see the same thing with Resistance and Uncharted and Ratchet and Clank. They will all sell lower than their predecessors. MS from a business perspective has the much better strategy. Release a few games from 1st party, hype the hell out of them, and see big sales. Sony may be better for the "Core Gamer" by providing a lot of experiences but financially MS has the better strategy.

Only if we look at it from game profits POV.

Because somehow PS3 mysteriously outsells X360 despite higher entry price , psn hacking and move being nowhere near as succesfull as kinect.


Also don't look at me, i bought the Hero Edition and got the Platinum trophy for the game, awesome game and deserves every sale! I'm sure it will sell on par with the original, or more once all done!

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my PS3 died...so not blame me...blame Sony!!!

It should have been multiplatform.

badgenome said:
It should have been multiplatform.

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bet with Mordred11 that Rage will look better on Xbox 360.

badgenome said:
It should have been multiplatform.

and it never will be.

didnt really like the 1st one got it for free with the psn deal

i mean it was alright but wasnt mature/violent enough for me got repetitive up until a few missions before the end plus after i platinumed it there was really nothing left to do afterwards

played the demo for the 2 second one looks like alot of improvements were made and is probably a much better game than the 1st but im just not feeling the environment and enemies


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