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Look at the game's sales.  Now, last year we made a pact to all go broke buying PS3 exclusives and to curse Sony.  Now, I look at inFamous 2.  None of you bought it.  You people disgust me.  The game looked great, got good reviews, didn't have much competition, and followed the PSN giveaway of free inFamous 1.  Somebody has some explaining to do.  That somebody is YOU!

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It probably got some good sales of PS Store.

well it's summer, it was on psn from day 1 unlike the first..I think given the fact that the game is just brilliant, it will reach or surpass infamous 1 sales LT without a problem

wait did you buy it? 0_o if not wtf! GO AND BUY IT! lol it's such a fun game..finished good and evil back to back and enjoyed the hell out of it..and at the very end you can use BOTH ice and fire powers together :D badass

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Don't look at me! i have the Hero edition!

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But Sony is disgraceful for delaying Infamous 2 like they did too Twisted Metal right?! They're horrible for not giving us any games month after month! Oh....wait....

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that "going broke pact" stopped being cool when you ruined it.

serious response: saving money for other games releasing this holiday. inFamous 2 just wasn't a top priority.

Edit: Dsage said it sold 500k on PSN. I believe him.

just purchased the hero edition last night. Importing it from america.

Slow time of the year+ psn sales.

IT will comfortably outsell the first one. And sony can't be too disappointed with it considering they bought sucker punch.

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It's sad to see a great game like inFAMOUS 2 that didn't sale that well. I love the game and it's worth every penny.

I Plan on picking it up sometime in the next month or so. Broke at the moment. :(

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