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What's more important for you?

Single player only 31 29.81%
Multiplayer only 0 0.00%
Single player mostly 42 40.38%
Multiplayer mostly 10 9.62%
Both equally 17 16.35%
None, I don't play and I... 4 3.85%

I'm guessing this has been done before but I'd like to know what you spend more time on,  what you like the most or what you buy a game for: single player or multiplayer.

Personally, I rarely use multiplayer but for some exceptions. FIFA and GT5 multiplayers are very fun (except when people disconnect in FIFA...). I spent quite some time playing the Uncharted multiplayer, and some time playing the GTA multiplayer. Other multiplayers I have barely just tried out.

I don't like the idea of games becoming shorter and 'making up' by adding a multiplayer. I like my single player and local multiplayer time the most. I don't care for competition so much, and when I play a multiplayer it's because I enjoy the time even if they kick my ass (GT, FIFA).

What do you like the most and what do you think of the way the industry is going?

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I prefer single player but for FPSs i spend more time on the multiplayer.

EDIT: Remove Twisted Metal, Tekken Tag Tournament 2 and some Vita titles, everything i'm planning to buy in the foreseeable future either has a focus on singleplayer or no multiplayer what so ever.

Team ICO Collection
Dark Souls
Dragon's Crown

I'm honestly a bit bugged by the idea that games will just continue to get shorter single player modes and I have no plans to support such titles.

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I spend most time on Single player, I like Single player the most and buy games for Single player.

I think the industry seems to be focusing more on multiplayer and giving more attention to multiplayer than single player... There still are many Single player games out there, but they are less popular than they were before. If the industry goes for Multiplayer only, it will suck for me. I hope that doesn't happen.

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i far prefer singleplayer, but sometimes i buy games for multiplayer, like CoD or Halo which are just multiplayer games with a singleplayer tacked on.


depends what on what kind of game it is if its a FPS then yeah multiplayer.


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I love both but there games I play just the SP and others just the MP.

I mostly like to play multiplayer and that is what I look for in my games.

That said, I do enjoy good singleplayer games as well.


It really depends on the game but If I had to choose one it would be mulitplayer.

Well it really depends games like AC, God of War, GTA probably only single player but for FPS and TPS games I like MP better

Single player. That's how I review my games. You could have the worlds best multiplayer and a sucky single and I will rate you low.