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Wilky said:
I've just checked and it says 138 days of game time.

I never knew you can check game time lol. If so then how I want to know, I must have spent countless hours!


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It's been a while since I've played it but there was a long period where I was hooked.

0h 0min 0sec and proud of it.

Too long and i'm actually still playing. Just waiting for something new to come along. Currently looking into Guild Wars 2 though I need to see more.

its been years since i played but it must have been several hundred hours back when i was really into it. come to think of it, i did everything i could on the free account then kinda dropped off. wonder how much it has changed since...

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i was playing runescape from when i was about 11-13 (characters name is Mark Holden1) i then quit to start playing wow (started playing wow mid way though BC)

P.S dont ask me why i named my character Mark Holden1 (if any aussies know who he is lol)

Wow...I don't want to think about it, too many, just too many.

I would say about 200 days in total.

Played it kinda meh for around 3-4 months, then WoW came out I think. For some reason I enjoyed chopping wood and i don't know why. Now my /played on my main main in wow is an absolutely terrifying thing to behold, I think they should give you an option to permanently disable it.

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Never played runescape. My friend showed it to me back in 2003 when we first became friends and I just flat out told him: "Browser games are crap." And we never looked back.