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I for one, must have sunk 1000's of hours i would prob say up to 3000/4000 hours. I played for 1.5years hardcore playing and the other 6 months just light playing. I think by the end i was up to lvl 78 or something. Anyways how many hours have you sunk into it?

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I think I finished at level 66 - pretty high, but some people get a lot higher. I played relatively lightly for about 2 years.

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2-3 hours

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I've just checked and it says 138 days of game time.

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I played off and on from August '01 through '08, taking a variety of breaks ranging from a few months to over a year during that time. It was finally in '08 that I just stopped playing altogether. I still have my account, but I almost never use it anymore. Not enough has changed to convince me to return, really.

I finished at lvl 104 IIRC.


Where did you see your total play time?

0 hours... but I just checked the screens for 30 secs if that counts ^^


umm a few hours most likely between 1-2 days, i played it years ago, like 7 years ago. I fought it was alright but it was a grind fest and i didn't like that despite i did enjoy collecting stuff i couldn't stand losing it.

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WhiteDevil said:
Where did you see your total play time?

Check your adventurer's log but you must be a member.