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Never been banned or warned, I aim to keep it that way too.

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I got banned ten times already, but only received four warnings.

I am not absolutely sure how the moderation system on this site works, but I assume for being a first time offender you would receive a warning and then maybe a second one before you get banned eventually. But in my case, the step of issuing warnings is usually bypassed and I get banned right away.

This just seems weird. Apparently I either manage to stay in the safe zone or step really, really far over the line in the instances I do. Also, the length of the bans is supposed to be gradual when it comes to repeated offenses, yet I see others who get couple of days bans several times before it happens to be a week or more. On the other hand, I get a week long ban in no time.

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oh sure a bunch of times...plenty of bans and warnings...sometimes i even deserved them and sometimes i disputed them and they were dismissed/altered...

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I was banned twice for spamming and got a warning for using "gay" as an insult even though i wasn't.

Seece said:
Joelcool7 said:

I believe since I joined I have had two temporary bans and like four warnings. All for supposedly trolling. However I refuted each ban and I still don't think I should have been banned. I'm a pessimist and sometimes talk fairly negative, often I get in trouble in the Sony and Nintendo boards when I say something negative or contriversal.

Which is sort of funny because I'm a huge Nintendo fan. Yet I have been warned for trolling on both boards. I also think its sort of weird that when ever I say something negative about Sony on the Sony board I'm called a troll and recieve warnings or bans. I think its stupid that I can't share my opinion without a ban warning.

Now admittadly the last time I got a ban I went alittle far. I was sort of offensive. However Its not like people don't write way worse things and not get banned. I said something about Sony being a crappy game company or something in that sort. About how they aren't in the industry for games etc..etc... I went alittle far, but I have seen far worse things said on the Nintendo board, Also I have seen far more hatefull attacks on Christian's in the Off topic board.

So far I think all my bans have been hypocritical or bias. So much worse behavior goes on unpunished. Now if I trolled all the time going from board to board starting flame wars and insulting people then I would agree I should get temporary or even perma banned. But when I slip up maybe once every two or three months I should not get a ban.

I am not a troll, I simply speak my opinions, I don't try to purposely offend people, sometimes I offend someone but honestly that isn't my intent. I think their should be far more warnings and a user shouldn't get banned for one slip up unless it can be proven they intended to insult and start something.


Example look in the threads in off topic, when me or other Christian's post against Gay marriage or abortion or the lack of scientific evidence supporting Evolution. The kind of crap that is said about us, those users don't get banned. Or the crap said about Nintendo often also goes unbanned.

But all in all despite disagreing with my bans and thinking its alittle biased. I do think VGChartz does a great job for the most part. I also know that senior members have recieved bans before as well. So oh well.

Some of your bans are completely justified from what I can remember.

I did admit to going to far last time. I haven't recieved all that many bans so I can't really say they were all justifiable or not I just know that my trolling ban was insain I was just voicing my opinion and I have also recieved warnings. Its not like I intended to offend people or intended to troll. People should see my thread count and post count and know I am not a troll.

As Rol said its stupid to ban someone without warning. Now I have headed every warning and usually I mail the mod and apologize if I think I may have been out of line.

But I am not a troll , I'm not a flame bater I am simply a pessimist and have my own opinions which I vocalize.

Example today I got insulted directly by another user and reported it, I know my last ban was for insulting Sony. You'd think that if I got a ban for insulting Sony that something would be done about a user directly insulting me. I responded very nicely to the user and am sure a mod must have seen the post by now.

Fact is while I have been out of line sometimes, I have seen far worse done by other users and no ban. Infact if you look in the contriversial threads especially in Off-Topic you will see ban worthy things being said all the time yet mods don't ban.

Again I'm not perfect but banning me for trolling is stupid. I have been here for years and have a reputation as a good user. I have less bans and warnings then Rol for crying out loud. So to ban me for one thread or two threads out of thousands of good posts is stupid. We all slip up once in a while, its not like we intend to slip up.

So yah I have crossed the line, but I don't think I have done anything ban worthy. Maybe warning worthy, maybe my post should have been editted or taken down by a mod because I went alittle far. But to ban me is alittle harsh considering how much I have contributed and that I don't have a reputation as a troll.

Now if I was trolling all the time, or insulting users on a regular basis , heck I guess I could be alittle nicer to Sony. But if I was regularily violating VGChartz rules, then I think a ban would be justifiable. I think those two bans should have been warnings, but what you going to do.


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twice for trolling :D

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Lol! Seece, don't you admins always get the justification bans. Whenever a topic like this pops up someone always comes on and tries to argue there case. To be honest I did that myself  about a year ago. Nordlead slammed me hard, and I wasn't too happy about it. Lol.....Vgchartz memories.

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Was it an American Mod?

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Rollstoppablle you did not even have to post. We all know. Lol, and now you can get a warning for me doing your name wrong.

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That is when you eventually cuss me out for it...


Wait! Now I will get a warning for provocing another user. RolStoppable

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