Halo 4 Beta included on Halo Anniversary?

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It's foreign so I won't bother pasting.


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It you don't mind, here's the article translated by Google

"Xbox 360 - Halo 4 Beta with Halo Anniversary!

Questions were posed in the comic-con with about 343 industries menu Anniversary Halo Combat Evolved.

Including the category "Extras" and according to their Halo Destiny responses indicate that a beta of Halo 4 could take place via the great remake of the 10 years of excellence by the mascot Xbox: Halo.

It was not until an announcement from the studio or Microsoft to be sure, but this remake is likely to be very generous in content (more than expected, at least). The price will it still the same? (35 €), even if still no site does the price."

That would make sense, as ODST had the Reach Beta if I remember correctly. The Beta would probably take place during the Spring.

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hope so. I will be getting the anniversary halo so any extras are welcome.

So I guess now, November NPD will look like this

1) CoD:MW3
2) Battlefield 3
3) Assassins Creed: Revelations
4) Halo Reach Anniversary
5) Skyrim
6) Uncharted 3

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Wouldn't surprise me to much.


Hey this would be sweet!! I was going to get the game anyways but now it's going to be more awesome!

That makes the game an even better deal..

Makes perfect sense.

I LOVE paying for Xbox Live! I also love that my love for it pisses off so many people.

As if the numbers weren't going to be through the roof anyway.

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