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about how you are here and just how remarkable that computer infront of you and continue thinking about everything, how things been made, why cna we think and talk etc. You would start to be amazed by things you have glanced over a million times like your dog, just look at him/her isn't it amazing that it even exists let alone has the instinct to love and protect you. 

You are probably thinking, what drugs am i smoking but really i been thinking alot about life and everything and i really appeciate the fact that this planet is our home and we should really look after. But i have also been thinking that we are all just greedy consuming pigs and this planet is pretty much screwed in 50 years so i might as well just live my life how i want to live it. 

But for those reading, remember: be smart and do what you really want to do and leave the crappy jobs to the people who are stupid and dont see the better oppunitites in life. 

So get off this computer, sell the house and go on a low budget years tour of the world and see it all. 

sorry how random this post seems espeically after a reason one by myself suggesting that the norwary murder be tourtured for the rest of his life. But hopefully i made someone think differently for the day and appeciate the little things in life. 

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Quess what I am thinking, what drugs are you smoking. Nah, I don't think about things like that, but maybe I should.

I thought Cartman got rid of all of you hippies!

I think about how good life is, very often. I look at some of the choices my peers have made and some of the things that they've had no control over and I appreciate how good things are. I'm often amazed at how far technology has come in the short amount of time that I've been here as well as how far things have come since 1700's-1900's (fuck the 1600's!).

I won't go on some trek around the world, though. I'm happy with my life and I have far too many people that depend on me and the life I provide. I guess I've gotten old and settled in my ways. When you get back from your journey of enlightenment, make a thread about how awesome it was. I can't wait to read it!

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You'd be surprised how much I think about this kind of stuff too.. The universe is so complex and our lives seem so insignificant in the true scale of things but if we weren't here in this amazing coincidence that is life would anything even matter?

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stop thinking. I don't like to think,because even that requires to much effort for me. lol