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being buried alive with amy winehouse

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It's obvious a guy like this will never be able to live among other people again, so he should be imprisioned for life (not that it is possible in most social democracies, still...), but why bother sustaining him for maybe over 50 years with people's taxes money. Kill him and broadcast it if you like. Wallets and hearts and human rights supporters will likely be happy alike.

Of course, if you want to go all out and cast away any, mmm, moral constraints, you can bathe him in molten lead, saw him from genitals to head, drip water in his shaved head for a year straight and so on. Wicked and uncivilized, yes, but maybe it's even the better choice, considering his acts could inspire others if his punishment is relatively brand.

But who knows, when a man already shows to feel nothing at all, what is pain to him? In the end, the worst it could be done to him is rebuild everything he tried to destroy, forget about him and live life as if nothing changed to show him his twisted logic is worth naught.






A highfive!

throw him in on an island with the most dangerous prisoners on an island and so something battle royale style...love that novel

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Well he should get 15-20 years per person he killed. He killed what 100 people? So that's 1500 years in prison? Sounds about right.

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shoot him with nail guns by firing squad. beat him with a spiked wipe, castration, regular beatings by Kimbo slice wearing spiked gloves, put raw meat on him as vulchers peck away at his flesh, regular cuts all over the body by razor and then thrown into a mixture of salt, alcohol(all types) ghost chili peppers, load a shotgun shell up with tiny shards glass, electro shock theropy while wet, place metal in select parts of the body then use high powered magnets to pull them out, put honey on his body and let the bees sting his ass up.

Giving him the death penalty is way too easy for him, life in prison is the best penalty.

I'd say life in prison. Though this is one case where I really wouldn't care if the Death Penalty was used. Which I don't believe norway has, but whatever.

I think it's unfairly applied and sometimes applied to people who are innocent... but i mean, there is zero doubt about his guilt and he killed like 90+ people... so....

I'd be ok with it.

As for torture.  Hell no... and if any of you could actually watch the torture you suggested and not feel bad about the suggestion.

I'd call that problematic.  Though then again i'm one of those people that doesn't even like bugs and would be a vegetarian, if meat didn't taste so much better then everything else.

Damn meat.

Xen said:
Life imprisonment... frankly, that is far worse than the death penalty or torture.

another 50+ years in one place, by one routine, by one regime... bleh... ain't nothing worse.

Back in my day we called that a career and marriage!

Wow, this thread is fucked up.

And they say videogames don't make you violent....

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