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After seing how GT5 Prologue did in japan, I'm just wondering whether the western audience will react the same way.

 So, here is my my question to GT5 fans : will you

 a) Buy GT5 Prologue, but are not sure about buying GT5 later.

b) Buy GT5 Prologue and also buy GT5.

c) Not buy GT5 Prologue and wait for GT5.



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Buy GT5 Prologue and the real version GT5.

Its the best game ever....

d) Not buy prolugue and maybe buy GT5.


b) depending on the price of GT5P

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If I get a PS3 (which is my current leaning), I am probably in category 'c', either that or 'd' with Yojimbo.

I actually enjoy the series quite a bit, but I haven't been all that excited for racing games lately, I have none for the PC or Wii...and actually I never have purchased a GT game myself...I have always borrowed them from a friend when he finished playing them.

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none of the above.


Well, thx for posting then.

probably C, but maybe B.

WIth none of you being ps3 owners..