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David Jaffe tweeted about his vexation at gamers and the journalists out there who have been hyping up Battlefield 3, before any of us have actually had a chance to play it.


“.@DougButabiJTV 100% correct. But see, this is what I meant the other day: the issue for you and others like you may very well be a) you are doing too many things at the same time to actually read what I write beyond the headlines or b) your reading comprehension skills are not where they should be. Did I say the press and gamers should applaud and celebrate the amazing visuals (and the folks responsible for them) of the E3 build of BF3? Yes I did. But did I ALSO SAY that we as gamers- and the gaming press- need to be able to tell/appreciate (and report on) that amazing visuals do not equate to amazing gameplay? I did! And I also said that until BF3 shows more of its gameplay, that everyone saying BF3 was AMAZING and was GAME OF THE SHOW was both damaging and juvenile and- on the part of journalists who said such things- damaging. My point was not negative- as you accuse me of being- but more passionate about the idea that IF the game medium really is capable of expressing amazing thoughts and ideas (or even just amazingly fresh entertainment) then we need to push those who make the games (including myself) to deliver on the gameplay front as well as the graphic front. To me, BF3 MAY be GAME OF THE YEAR (and I want to play the beta cause I’ve liked the other BF games and am eager to see what they’ve done to evolve the series) but UNTIL they show that they are an amazing game and MORE than just amazing graphics, that tank scene WAS BATTLEZONE HD. And to NOT agree with that- if you are a gamer or journalist who said BF3 was an amazing GAME and should get GAME OF THE SHOW while at the same time you like to play the ‘games can be art/games are important’ card- well that just means you are either full of shit or not very bright. NOTE: SOME games can be art while other games can be pure fun entertainment, by the way. There CAN and they SHOULD be a mix (and some games- most games?-should strive to be both!!!)…but if people were hyping the gameplay of BF3 then they sure as hell didn’t explain why…and all I saw (from that tank sequence) was- at a mechanics level- BattleZone (aim and fire)…in fact, could you even move the tank’s position in the E3 tank demo from BF3 or were you just controlling a turret? If THAT’S the case, unless the turret mechanics have gotten super amazing, then it’s LESS of a play experience than BF3.”


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Jaffe is such a drama queen. He can take all his walls of text and fuck right off.

The game is caught in a positive hype vortex at the intersection of a whole horde of people graphically awestruck (as Jaffe complains) and those hating on Call of Duty

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U mad bro?

What is he talking about? We already know a lot about the gameplay through the official battlefield blog.

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You're aware the press got a good look at the multiplayer at E3 aren't you Jaffe? Of course not, because you never think before you go to spouting your opinion.

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Mr Khan said:
The game is caught in a positive hype vortex at the intersection of a whole horde of people graphically awestruck (as Jaffe complains) and those hating on Call of Duty

I like this idea, but my favorite thing is when you called the hype a "positive hype vortex."  True and epically worded.

I agree completely with Jaffe. I usually do. The battlefield footage is just nice looking linear shooting. Until they show of more of the multiplayer my hype is pretty much at zero.

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Time for hype

how much is activision paying him to say this?

David Jaffe is crazy... everyone will be playing Twisted Metal in october.. who talks about BF3 when Twisted Metal is coming.... >_>


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