New Star Trek Game Ties to New 2012 Movie. Possible Movie Clues?

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Did you happen to enjoy J.J. Abrams’ 2009 Star Trek film? Well if you did, you’re are probably looking forward the the sequel, which is expected to hit theaters sometime in 2012. But what may catch you by surprise is that the sequel to the hit 2009 movie will not be following up the original exactly as some may have expected. The sequel to the movie is planned to take place sometime after the first film, leaving a gaping hole in the storyline. So how are we fans expected to know what happens in between the two movies? By playing video games.

According to Star Trek co-writer Roberto Orci, a new Star Trek game is planned for release that will take gamers on an adventure that takes place just after the 2009 Star Trek film and ends just before the future 2012 Star Trek film. In the game, gamers will have the opportunity to take on the roles of either Spock or Kirk as they work together to stop a legendary enemy race bent on conquering the galaxy.

Could this be a major clue as to what we should expect for 2012′s Star Trek? Only time will tell at the moment, but for now, this is all we have.