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Well recently everything has been collecting dust as I have found my fun on vgchartz. But with dust comes dusters! More jobs, tax for the government for buying the duster. Dust is my new hero! Especially with Americas current financial problems. :)

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enrageorange said:
While I would agree that the wii has the best exclusives this generation it is still a console I would never get. My very precious gamecube has superior versions of almost every single notable console exclusive on the wii. IMO the gamecube has much better exclusives than either the 360 or the ps3 as well. The ridiculous quality of the multiplatform games are what this generation will really be remembered for ten years from now, and the wii gets none of them which is why i prefer the 360/ps3.

As much as I loved my Gamecube...I just don't know what to say to this.

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The wii in my opinion has the worst of exclusives.... and 360andps3 have a better selection in exclisives to.... not just mario like wii