Can i make you cry?

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I came close to shedding a tear, but only because of the cheesy background music and all the crying sad faces in the audience.

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the answer to that question is no

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Damn. The OP won.


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No, no you can't. I suffer from chronic apathy where strangers are concerned.

But I will counter with these:

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My girlfriend cries constantly over the Casey Anthony trial on HLN. I think I was deeply touched or excited when Susan boyle did her first song on BGT.

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i would have posted the actual story, but i cant seem to post pics. anywho, this didnt make me cry, but it made me pretty sad and some of my friends cried.


Well...i've seen much worse.

Am I a monster for not crying with any of these?

Anyway, this is very old and you have probably seen it but:


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saddest Video i have seen lately:


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