What was the first video game you ever played. :)

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Some really ancient mono color version of asteroids in arcade saloon when i was few years old ;)


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First game played is probably arkanoid or olympic games or pinball on Amstrad PC 15/12 (1986)
that or boulderdash and bubble ghost on Atari 520ST (1985)

or, if that came sooner... Zelda (1987). Which I discovered durring summer at my grandma's, my cousins (all girls) having brought back the NES with it....

Got a NES the next christmass, with Zelda....=)


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hmm I had one of them things that connected up to the tv and had 200 odd games on it. not sure which was first. the first I can remember is sonic 1 on my cousin Sega mega drive

correct me if I am wrong
stop me if I am bias
I love a good civilised debate (but only if we can learn something).


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What it shown above...

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mario bro's on the NES

Man some of you lot are young

Mine was this bad boy...

Yeah im old

Kyuubi Ricky SSJ2 said:

this !!!

play it and became a gamer in a second :D


Probably Strider on the Sega Genesis. I don't really remember anything before that but I'm sure my older brothers made me play something. I could never beat it, though... =/