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Hey everyone. I was thinking about my childhood a few moments ago and remembering all the fun/great things i got to do when i was younger and then i started to think about when i first started gaming. So i thought why not make a forum about when people started gaming.  :)

Anyways If you can remember. What was the first video game you ever played. Rather it be PC, console, or aracde just try to remember and if you can explain the good times you had playing that game during the time being.

The first game i remember playing was tekken 3 when is was about 4. Me, my mom, my dad and some of my life long friends use to always have a ball playing it. I still think it is the best fighting franchise out to date.  (Yes even better than street fighter)

So what was your first game you ever played..

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Tekken 3? Christ you just made me feel old.

O/T: No idea what the first game I played was, but the first game I owned was Alex Kidd in Miracle World I think.

Well my first console was the Sega Megadrive (Genesis for you yankees, lol), and the first game I played on it was either the first Sonic game, or Mickey Mouse's Castle of Illusion, or whatever it was called... but it was a two player one where you played as Mickey and Donald, and it was such a fun game, I used to play it with my brother ALL THE TIME!

Some variation of Pong at a friend's place I believe.

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I'm pretty sure it was Super Mario Bros. But I was so young then.

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Holy crap you were 4 when Tekken 3 came out? I am freaking old...my first game was Ninja Turtles Manhattan Project...classic

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I think it was Tom and Jerry on the NES.

frogger on ps1