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darthdevidem01 said:
This sounds amazing now,

I had no hype prior to reading this, hype up by 9000% now.

Not only does it cater towards your love of Harry Potter, elements of Majora's Mask are mentioned. 


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This sounds intriguingly different. Now give us a release date!


This forum needs a massive "Like" button.

superchunk said:
This forum needs a massive "Like" button.


This game is going to suck

Our lives away.

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Naum said:
My god think I just died and gone to heaven

Hopefully when I pass I go to Skyloft instead

Only one word to describe what I've just read:

Until you've played it, every game is a system seller!

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Hub-town! Very very excite.

This game is sounding better and better every time I hear about it.

Majora's Mask style story event progression?

Just what i was looking for.

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Got spoilt when reading all of it... *blushes*

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