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That don't look like Zelda, that looks like his sister.

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Pavolink said:

So, is this some kind of "official talk thread" after E3? Well...

Has someone pointed yet that the Siren World is timed limit? Not only you'll have to escape from the guardians, but also you have to check the timer. Sounds better that the twilight parts on TP.

What is this you speak of! :O

I hope this was just a rumor as nothing has yet shown that it like you said! Do you have a link? lol

    R.I.P Mr Iwata :'(

In case anyone is still following this thread, the latest trailer shown at comic con 2011 showed Link performing the Ending Blow. For me, this is good because I was afraid that the sowrd Hidden Skills would get the axe. Hope they think of at least half as many awesome sword moves as there are in Red Steel 2!

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darthdevidem01 said:
This sounds amazing now,

I had no hype prior to reading this, hype up by 9000% now.

ditto. ^______________^

great....can't wait to play the game when it comes out