Xbox 720 reveal at E3 2012, in dev since 2006 - report

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a reveal yes, but no solid release date. im still look at at 2014

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I think it too soon, can people afford a new console?




Machina said:
Hope this is true because: A) it means next year's E3 might not suck, which'll be a pleasant change, and B) by 2012-2013 I'll be wanting a new generation of consoles.

next years e3 will suck no matter how much new cool stuff will be there just like every other recent year simply because of this everyone knows every big reveal before the show even starts which kills the buzz when they announce everything that is known which should bof been a surprise.


on a side note this is pretty bad A year early leak.

Microsoft has done great, better than Sony this gen (so far) but IF Sony launches the PS4 in the same holiday season.. It will be so epic.

The wii and PS3 was not as much of a war for reasons we already know.

But imagine a new xbox and a new playstation in the same holiday season!! That would be sooo exciting to watch.
With that being said, I think Sony ends up waiting to launch until 2014.

And I wouldnt call this a leak. Its a foregone conclusion that Microsoft is going to announce a new system at next E3. With their current focus, it is clear they are trying to bring in new parts of the fanbase as well as simply trying to maintain sales until the next system hits.

Still though, it puts the 720 at over 2 years away. By then, we will be ready for a new console.

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Oh man, Can't wait for this! Been waiting for the next gen console for a while now.

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I think it is the right time to reveal a new console, but I don't see it launching until Holiday 2013 at the very least. 2014 sounds too late for a launch, and Microsfot knows the consequences of turning up late in the start of a generation. They will want it to launch as close to the Wii U as possible. 2013 sounds like the best fit.

I've been saying for a while now that MS will launch holiday 2012 and the information coming out seems to agree with that theory.