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Will only be getting Skyward Sword this year, since Go Vacation/Rune Factory Oceans/Trauma Team won't come out in Europe during 2011. While waiting for confirmations on the European release schedule, the search for offers on KirbyEY and RockBand2 goes on

PS: Just Dance 3 needs a song import option to improve itself, if not it's the same as JD2, and I'm not buying it.

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It's not a great line up from a quality perspective. Zelda and Xenoblade Chronicles are my only definite purchases on Wii this year, with Kirby being fairly likely. It's not so bad for me because I'll be getting (at the least) Super Mario, Mario Kart, Kid Icarus, Skyrim, Gears 3 etc at the end of the year, too, but for Wii only owners it isn't good at all. I guess Mario Party 9 could be worth a look if it's up to the standards of the better installments in that series, but I'm not sure if I can justify £30 on what would primarily be a multiplayer game rather than getting something I'll get more personal use from.

A much better line up would have been Xenoblade Chronicles, Pandora's Tower, Kirby, Last Story, Mario Party 9 and Zelda running up from July to the end of the year and filled out with Rhythm Heaven, Rayman, Just Dance 3, Mario & Sonic 2012, Rodeo, Fortune Street, etc. But I guess since Nintendo have essentially finished every Wii game in development, they'll make what's left stretch out as long as possible.

That being said, I've still got stuff like No More Heroes 2 to pick up, and I'll keep my eye on that Rune Factory game. Rune Factory Frontier is only £10 now on some websites, so I'm deliberating whether or not to pick that up (anyone recommend that game to me? I've always enjoyed the better Harvest Moons). There are plenty of decent to great Wii games I haven't bought yet, because I couldn't afford them at the time, and they've now plummeted in price. It just makes me sad to see Wii go this way, really. Skyward Sword will be excellent, I'm sure, but even the N64 got Majora's Mask, Perfect Dark, Paper Mario and Banjo Tooie as its swansong.

Kirby looks nice. I might get that.

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RolStoppable said:
c03n3nj0 said:


I thought you live in Europe. The game is pretty much confirmed to come in 2012, probably spring.

I'm planning to move to Europe in a couple years, but until then, I'm stuck with a US Wii (which I will leave behind)

If it all comes to the worst, then I'll buy a cheap Wii over there and finally play Day of Crisis and friggin Xenoblade. Last Story will probably release here, though, I guess 

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Only interested in 5 games, 2 of which have no US confirmation.

The Last Story
The Legend of Zelda
Mario Party 9

That said, the mini-games in Mario Party 9 actually look fun for once. I hope the game see's levels of quality only seen on N64 installments.

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if MW3, DQX along with Japan exclusives are coming to the West, this is not bad at all, it's great actually!!