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too bad that importing and paying shipping cost and tax is about the exact amount you pay for a European version of the vita.

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If they manage to use the extra recources well and launch in America and Japan successfully, then I would say its a good move. I suspect that Europe is theirs for the taking anyway. I must admit I don't know many people who bought into a portable console last gen, but there is definitely a buzz going around- about the PSV. People seem to see it as a very powerful next-gen-portable, which is obviously what Sony wanted to achieve at this point.

The thing is, if they know they will not have enough units available this is not such a bad thing.

Would look worse releasing a system during the Holidays where there is NO CHANCE of even being close to meeting orders. They might as well wait. Sony has never been able to meet demands at launch (the Go does not count) so maybe for once they will.

Pre-Order now if you want your system.

Degausser said:
Is there any possible reason for me not to just import this thing? I'm not paying the £229 price when it's $250 anyway, I know games are region free so would I lose out at all?

Want it but my God Sony are making it hard for me to bother.

*suddenly worried that too many people are planning this*

I thought sony would learn from the ps3 that launching late and especially missing christmas season in europe will prove to take years to catch up.

3DS has Mario 3DS and Mario Kart 3DS........two of their heaviest guns.

It doesnt matter what sony has for the vita if it gives up too much ground to Nintendo.


Older and wiser. Still bias and proud though ;)

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Weren't there rumors before that 1 territory won't get it this year?

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